Monday, March 19, 2012

Doily Fever

I am obsessed with doilies. I just think they are so cute & they go well with everything! I've only ever used white doilies, but I really wanted doilies in every color. I looked on Etsy and saw that people dyed white paper doilies to make them any and EVERY color! I had to try it for myself. I originally got this tutorial from a blog called Charlotte's Fancy. You can find the original post here.

Supplies: Rubber gloves ( a MUST!), Food Coloring (I already had some cheap stuff from the grocery store),  Pyrex bowl or any other small bowl, LOTS of paper towels...

And DOILIES of course. I got mine from Joann's. These are Wilton 4" ones found in the cake decorating section.

Fill the bowl with enough water to cover the entire doily. Add food coloring. You can adjust the amount of food coloring as needed to get the color you want. {It does take a LOT of dye to get a bright color}

Leave the doily in the water for about 20 seconds. Carefully remove from the water and put the doily on a paper towel.

Blot the doily with a paper towel to get the excess water out. This step is very important if you want to have wrinkle-free doilies!

After you let them dry, this is the result! Beautiful, pretty doilies, perfect for Easter.
Now keep in mind, that was my first try at coloring doilies. I might get a little more creative next time and mix colors together. I like the doilies that I saw in the original tutorial, they are all lace without that big circle midsection. I think I might order some of those to use for next time. {I believe she has a link in her post to the online store that has them.}


  1. These are awesome! This is a must try!!!


  2. this is awesome, thank you thank you for sharing this. love them... i find misting them doesnt do them justice but this is beautiful. i got to go shopping for food coloring/


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